Strategic and technical consultancy

Following the launch of Labels & Labelling magazine in 1978, the company was soon inundated with requests for market, technical and product research information, particularly on the rapidly emerging and developing technology of self-adhesive labelling. Little was readily available at that time. Contact:

To meet this demand, a separate company was established in 1984. Labels & Labelling Consultancy now became the consulting arm of the magazine and began writing and publishing a wide range of market research and technical study publications, as well as working with the industry on projects to further develop the label industry.

As well as working on its own publication, L&L Consultancy worked with other organisations to produce specialised research reports and studies. These included Frost and Sullivan, The Economist Intelligence Unit and Pira.

Consultancy activities also developed into organising and running, seminars, workshops, conferences, and industry education and training events ΜΆ both in-house for clients and public events. Over the years, Labels & Labelling Consultancy can claim to have provided information, speaking, training or research resources for most of the well-known label industry and supplier companies, industry associations and specialist industry related organizations

Michael Fairley has spoken at over 400 seminars, conferences, workshops and summits that have been held throughout Europe, as well as in the United States, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, Japan and China.

Today, Labels & Labelling Consultancy is mainly an information and writing resource that supports Tarsus, the Label Academy, FINAT and other bodies in the quest to continue educating and developing the world of labels.